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How to use the Audioguide APP

You can download the app on the following links:


Apple Store

The app uses very little battery power, but for longer tours such as the 12-hour Loch Ness Tour, here are some tips to extend your battery life:

– Charge the battery overnight to 100% before the tour.

– You can activate flight mode on your mobile phone and then activate the only the GPS. GPS is necessary to start the audios when you pass near a point.

– If your mobile phone has a short battery life, we recommend that you carry some kind of external battery.

The App require location and notification in order to notify and play the audio once you reach an stop.

Once the app is installed you would be able to access our tour list, you can get the access codes from our website (follow the link on the lock screen).
When you are ready for the tour you can leave the app in the background, once you get close to one location the audio will reproduce automatically, you can access anytime the full map of the tour, stops information or audios.

On the tour’s lock screen on your device you can follow the link to book the tour on our website. Once the booking is done you will receive an email with the code.

No. Once you have downloaded the tour you only need to keep active location.

Your activation code should be in your confirmation email, if you can find if just contact us at [email protected]

You should close all other programs to ensure no other app is conflicting and restart it, if the problem persists you would need to re-install your app.
If nothing of this fixes your problem let us know at [email protected]

You would need to go to the app preferences, make sure the language is set correctly then update.
The app will ask you to download the tour again, once it is done the problem should be fixed.

By default the app is set to use maps offline. If you want to use online maps so you can zoom and see more details, use the gear in the corner of the map and you will see the option there.

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