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Private tours

Create you own tour in Scotland

How works?

Our tailor-made tours are a personalised service that modifies the route of a specific route by modifying some of the stops according to your limitations and adding services depending on the needs you have. In addition we can build up any travel you may have in your mind.

These tours include pick-up at the accommodation or place indicated by the client, a private vehicle and a tour guide. On the other hand, the cost of tickets to attractions and monuments, and meals are not included in the price. If you want to include any of these services, please let us know in advance. For those departures from Glasgow and Stirling, a supplement will apply.

Tailor made tours – highlights

  • Pick-up and finish at the customer hotel
  • Inclusion of activities and / or attractions of interest with change of the normal tour route (prior agreement)
  • Inclusion of extra services such as meals and ticket purchase management
  • Departure time at the client’s convenience
  • Accommodation included in multi-day tours.

Types of tailor made tours

  • Tours for private groups in Edinburgh
  • Day trip for private groups in Scotland
  • Multi-day tours for private groups with accommodation included.
  • Cruise Arrivals

*  The price of these trips will vary depending on the desired accommodation, admissions, number of people, … We recommend that you previously check the availability and prices for the days on which you want to make the trip through our form or by contacting us directly.

How to book

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