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Coche de alquiler o excursiones de autobús carretera

Keys to choosing between rental car or an excursion on your trip to Scotland

19 September 2018 3 min 0 comments

This is one of the great unknowns that arise when it comes to planning our trips. Is it better to rent a car or take the bus tours? Of course, there is no universal answer to this question. It will always depend on your own preferences when traveling, although we want to help you solve this question before starting your route through Scottish lands. Next, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of rental cars and bus tours. Do not miss it!

The costs of traveling by bus and renting a car

rental cars or tours in a coach
It is one of the variables that are most often taken into account when planning a trip are the costs, since we must take into account the total sum of all expenses and not just transportation. Thus, to the transport figures we must add accommodation, food, visits …

Costs of renting a car

A priori, we could say that traveling by car is more expensive than traveling by bus, if it is a single person, of course. In the case of traveling in a group, this expense can be divided among all the occupants of the vehicle and be comparable to that of the bus. Of course, when renting a car, do not forget about insurance, as well as all the conditions that may increase costs in your career, such as fuel, for example. And before you say “yes, I want”, check the rental conditions, such as age restrictions.

Costs of traveling by bus

The bus is generally cheaper than the car. If it is a single person, the difference is usually abysmal. The good thing about the bus versus the car is that the cost will not vary. The final payment is the only one you are going to make, without additional costs. In this case, you must pay attention to cancellations, since normally for you to be reimbursed the money you must cancel within the hours in advance set by the company. For example, there are cases in which you must notify 72 hours in advance to reimburse the money if you cannot make the trip.

Time wise and comfort

Here are other determining factors when deciding on one option or another. The car can give you more freedom, but at the same time, the bus allows you to organize yourself in a more calculated way. Let’s see the differences.

More freedom in the car

Yes we know. One of the great pros of renting a car is precisely this: freedom. On the one hand, you do not have to be aware of schedules, nor do you have to set a time limit to be at the place you are visiting. You decide when you go and when you go. And just as comfortable is the option of driving or traveling in the vehicle. If you feel like stopping to rest for a while, you can do it, if the heat or the hunger press, you have absolute freedom to stop to look for a cafeteria or a store where you can buy something to eat or drink without having to plan ahead. All these points would be more complicated in case of traveling by bus.

Time and comfort by bus

Yes, it is true, on bus tours you have to follow the established schedules. Leave at a certain time, spend the time established in the visit and return at the end of the excursion. Not before, not after. It is a very comfortable system for those who prefer to have everything calculated and organized in advance and for those who do not want to spend time fighting with the map to organize the routes by car. You can forget about driving and simply relax in the seat to enjoy the journey and the diverse landscapes without being aware of the road.

The information of the places

If you are a very curious person, the information about the place you will visit, as well as the way you receive it, will be a very relevant factor for you.

What information do you have when traveling by car

In this case, you are the one in charge of searching in advance or on-site for the data you are interested in knowing about the site you are traveling to. In general, you will organize a route based on what you want to see and this information will be extracted from the means at your disposal: guides, internet, books, recommendations from friends and acquaintances … Of course, you can always exchange knowledge with your companions , but you will miss the explanations of the way from the hand of a professional guide.

What information do you have when traveling by bus

On the bus the experience changes. You have the freedom to choose pre-arranged routes, like the one we offer you on our Edinburgh tour on wheels, so you don’t have to look for information in advance, unless you want to. In addition, the guide is one of the main attractions of bus tours. It will tell you anecdotes and curiosities that do not appear online or in the guides about the most attractive places. In the meantime you will observe them leaning from the window of your seat. This is also a very good option when traveling as a family, since, normally, all the members are entertained and can relax during the journey.

The environmental conditions and the way of driving

This is another relevant point, especially when traveling to a country like Scotland. Here we have a couple of conditions to take into account when deciding to rent a car or take our bus excursions: the time and the way of driving. On the one hand, we have to get rid of adverse environmental conditions, such as snow. Do you feel able to drive if the weather is not accompanied without giving up security? If not, perhaps the best option is the bus, because the person who drives knows what safety measures to adopt according to the weather conditions and you do not have to worry about anything. When in doubt, check the weather in Edinburgh before making your decision.
On the other hand, there is the issue of driving. In Scotland it drives on the left. If you’re in the habit of driving on the right, this change can be a major distraction behind the wheel. Remember this before making your final decision.

Just in case, from here you can have a look to our tours.

Have you already chosen which is the best option for you? Tell us your opinion!

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