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Eight irresistible Scottish Christmas sweets

29 November 2018 2 min 0 comments

Christmas is celebrated in Scotland -as in most cultures- around the table. The Christmas carols, Christmas decorations and especially gastronomy are the basic ingredients to cook this celebration of Christian roots. A wide variety of dishes can be found in restaurants during those days. However, all members in the family are dazzled by Christmas desserts. Indeed Christmas can not be conceived without contributing to the body a good dose of sugar in your mouth.

1. Cranachan

A glass full of vitamins. Cranachan is a typically Scottish dessert made with the best Scottish fresh products and a touch of whiskey. Cranachan is usually served in a glass goblet creating a contrast between the red of the berries and the white of the cream.

Ingredients: Whipped cream, raspberries, blueberries, oat flakes and a stream of whiskey.

2. Christmas Pudding

It is a small cake typical in British dinners and made with a fruit base dehydrated. Depending on the tastes, it can be presented with chocolate and a brandy or rum sauce.

Ingredients: Raisins, dried figs, orange peel, dried basil, dried cherries, quince, orange juice, breadcrumbs, flour and sugar.


3. Christmas pie

Mince pie made of puff pastry and spicy filling -the sweet version of meatloaf-. During the Victorian time, it became a typical recipe for the Christmas holiday. Today it is one of the most popular desserts in the United Kingdom, especially during the month of December.

Ingredients: Raisins, apple, orange peel, red currants, orange juice and brandy, almonds, flour, sugar, butter and egg.

4. Clootie Dumpling

Very similar to Christmas pudding, but in the Scottish version. Its name comes from the form of cooking it with a cloth (“cloot” in Scottish, “cloth” in English). The cloth is used in cooking prior to baking the cake.

Ingredients: Raisins, currants, carrots, eggs, orange juice, bread crumbs, cayenne, milk, flour, butter and sugar.

5. Christmas cake

Delicious marzipan cake full of berries, the ideal alternative to nuts. In Scotland is known as Dundee cake, in honor of the Caledonian city. In this case it contains almonds and of course a characteristic background whiskey flavor

Ingredients: Flour, butter, sugar, apricot jam, almond eggs, cherries candied and milk.

6. Shortbread


It is a type of cookie, a traditionally and popular one in Scottish lands. Originally it was an expensive product that not everyone could afford. This is the reason why it was reserved for Christmas, Hogmanay and weddings. Today it is a highly successful dessert characterized by simplicity in its preparation. Perhaps it is one of the most requested souvenirs by tourists.

Ingredients: to do it you need: a part of sugar, two of butter and three of flour.

7. Yule Log

A kind of cake filled with chocolate. The word “Yule” refers to the winter solstice parties which were celebrated by Nordic cultures. The “Yule log” refers to the trunk which used to set fire at night for chasing away the spirits.

Ingredients: Eggs, flour, sugar, cocoa, whipped cream and dark chocolate for pastry.

8. Gingerbread


Shortbreads are known and highly appreciated, but gingerbread are not less. The funny thing about these cookies is that they have become popular in the traditional form of little men. Nevertheless the shapes and decorations can be infinite. They are very famous cookies especially at tea time in winter days.

Ingredients: Syrup, sugar, butter, cream, ginger, cinnamon, flour.

Do not stop sweetening the holidays, and if you still have an appetite you can always prepare one of these Scottish recipes.

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