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Las piedras de Outlander

Craigh Na Dun: The Real Outlander Stones in Escocia

15 October 2018 3 min 0 comments

Without hesitation, Outlander includes some of those moments when it is impossible to take your eyes off the screen when you watch it . One of these is when Frank and Claire secretly observe the druid ritual in Craigh Na Dun. You can feel in your skin the magic of this circle of Outlander stones. You let yourself be infected by sensations when visualizing this magical spectacle hidden behind these iconic scottish stones.

Do you want to find your own Craigh Na Dun on your trip through the Outlander locations in Scotland? Well, keep reading! We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Scottish  stones and the connection with  Outlander .

Where are the Outlander stones?

Would you like to get into Craigh Na Dun, exactly in the same way as Claire when she passed through them? We regret to inform you that the Outlander stones that you have fallen in love with on screen do not exist as such, Sorry about this!!! The stones were made in the studio from cardboard stone.

But wait! We have very good news for you: you still have a chance to find your own Craigh Na Dun on your trip throughout Scotland. To start with, you will be happy to know that the hill on which the filming took place is real. This is located at Tullochcroisk Farm, a private place located in Kinloch Rannoch (Perthshire) and it’s really really beautiful . If you approach the place, you will see the hill – whose access is private- without the stones there, of course, since these were only present during filming. From there you can enjoy one of the most pristine scenery of the Scottish Highlands with the amazing loch Rannoch not far away.

If you are looking for something similar you can visit just off Inverness, a monolith on a hill overlooking the city that is called Craigh Dunain, really close at the name of the stones in Outlander ( Craigh Na Dun). From there you will be delighted with the beauty of the city lights from above, as described in the stories of Diana Gabaldon.

But are you looking for the real deal where you can feel the magic of the Outlander stones like if you were inside the TV series? Do not worry. In Scotland you can find dozens of very similar stone circles that you will fall in love with. We detail them here below, don’t miss them!

Callanish Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis

Callanish Standing Stones

Maybe these are the Scottish stones closest to your idea of Craigh Na Dun. They have been inspired to build the stones you watch in Outlander. Once you arrive there, its magnitude will involve you. We are totally sure you will be able to feel the magic experienced by Claire when she placed her hands on the stone. Look at the Celtic cross shape of this set of 13 stones with a monolith in the central part. Now let yourself be conquered by the majesty of these fir bhrèige, the “false men”, according to the name that the inhabitants of the place attributed to this monument.

Actually there are legends that revolve around this monument. These legends tell that the stones were, in fact, the giants that inhabited the island, petrified as a form of punishment by refusing to convert to Christianity by Saint Kieran. Whether they are giants or not, this is a must-see for all Outlander fans.

Clava Cairns in Inverness

Clava Cairns

Another key place regarding Outlander stones is Clava Cairns. It consists of three ring shaped monuments in a hill close to Inverness. The rings are made of accumulation of rock and with a round space in the middle with no access from outside. The whole monument is surrounded by an exterior circle of standing stones . Diana Gabaldon has compared this monument with her own Craigh Na Dun, despite knowing this place after writing Outlander.

We do not know if there is the possibility of traveling to the past through these Scottish stones, but what we do know is that you will be surprised by the great state of conservation of these Bronze Age stone chambers with more than 4000 years of existence. And much more… The whole area is called Balnuaran of Clava and  is a hidden treasure where you can find amazing forests, the beautiful Nairn River and many more ancient monuments and graves from all the ages. All this in the vicinity of Clava Cairns . We cannot promise you to go back in time, but we can assure you will experience a lovely adventure.

Blackpark o Kingarth Stone Circle en la isla de Bute

Blackpark or Kingarth Stone Circle

If you imagine your own Craigh Na Dun in a secret corner full of mystery and away from the noisy world , the Kingarth Stone Circle is exactly what you are looking for. Embrace by a dark forest, this little circle will be waiting for you in this enigmatic location. The atmosphere is ideal for you to feel as if you were inside the Outlander adventure.


Nowadays there are just three stones left which have resisted human activity and the cold weather in the past two millennia. The measures are quite impressive with more than 2 meters high and 1.3 meter by 0,6 meters thick At the beginning they were seven stones and although it is not very easy to find them, the location is worth the effort. And it is not only the fascinating landscape that you will see in its point that will amaze you. No, it isn´t… As you go down the path towards these Scottish stones, an aura of peace and mystery will dazzle you on this remote Scottish island. A finding that will not leave you indifferent at all.

Standing Stones of Stennes in the Orkney Islands

Standing Stones of Stennes

Probably one of the oldest (more than 5000 years old), famous and well preserved henges in the British Isles, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999. The shapes and the thinness of this stone circle will catch your attention with its 6 meters high and just 30cm thick making it an impressive slender stone that defies gravity. Originally, there were 12 stones and were engulfed by a ditch (cutted into the rock) and bank but human action made these two parts to almost disappear completely and the stones were reduced in number. However, it transmits the magic of old times, especially for its antiquity and the mystery regarding its old usages.

Have you already visited all these Outlander stone circles? Tell us which one you have chosen as your own Craigh Na Dun!

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