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Outlander – Locations in Scotland

18 September 2018 3 min 0 comments

We know. Outlander is already one of your favorite series. And not only because of the plot, but also because of the way it introduces you to Scotland and its exciting stories and legends. Have you already been hooked to the corners where the plot of Diana Baldón’s novels focuses on the screen? If the answer is yes, we will tell you that the different locations in Scotland where they are located will make you fall in love at first sight. Awe-inspiring castles, majestic gardens, classic cottages, ancient menhirs, and a host of legendary sights can all be visited on a magical journey through the Scottish Highlands. Do you want to feel part of the series on your next visit to Scotland? We present to you the most spectacular locations of Scottish heritage listed in Outlander.

Outlander: the moment series that takes you to Scotland

What if your future was a trip to the past? Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were in the shoes of Claire Randall? The protagonist of Outlander, a World War II combat nurse, married to Frank Randall, finds herself embroiled on a mysterious journey back in time to eighteenth-century Scotland. Specifically, she will travel until 1743 after picking some flowers alone in the magic circle of Craigh na Dun, during her second honeymoon with her husband in Inverness. Suddenly, you will have to deal with a historical context that you would not have imagined. The Jacobite uprisings, the troubled relations between the Scottish clans and the English army, a dangerous world for a woman who faces a society that calls her a witch and even a spy. There she will meet Jamie Fraser, with whom she joins for the good of both upon arrival and with whom she ends up falling in love. This will be an additional complication to get back to the year from which it comes: 1945.

Dive into the different Outlander locations

Of course, you don’t want to miss a single detail of the different enclaves that appear in Outlander. If you want to see them all in great detail, it is best to organize your own route by sections and mark the points you want to attend. Here is a proposal for varied stretches with the most significant Outlander locations.

Remember Black Jack Randall traveling to Blackness Castle

Blackness castle
One of our first Outlander destinations that we propose to see in Scotland is Blackness Castle. The fortress perched towards the waters of the Forth Fjord is where the scene takes place in which Black Jack Randall flogs Jamie until he is almost lifeless. And not only there, this castle reappears on screen when, years later, Roger and Brianna, the daughter of Claire and Jamie, visit the place without knowing the relationship it had with their family. On the way to Blackness Castle you will soon understand why this fortress is known as the ship that never sailed. Once there, your imagination will inevitably fly back in time, as you marvel at its breathtaking interiors, its captivating jetty, and stunning views of the fjord.

Wentworth Prison at Linlithgow Palace

Outlander locations
The next must-see is Linlithgow Palace, whose dark hallways and entrance recreate the Wentworth Prison from the series. In this location the scene takes place where Jamie is imprisoned and sentenced to die by hanging. In real life, this palace was one of the main royal residences in Scotland in the 15th and 16th centuries and where James V and Queen Mary Stuart were born. Its impressive silhouette next to a wonderful lake surrounded by forests and meadows will not leave you indifferent.

Castle Leoch or Doune Castle?

Do you remember Castle Leoch? This is the home of the MacKenzie clan in the series, but in real life it does not exist as such. What does exist is Doune Castle, where, apparently, they were inspired to create the interiors of Castle Leoch, which were shot in studio, and whose exteriors appear on screen as Castle Leoch. If when you see this castle for the first time, both in the series and in real life, you feel a little déjà vu, don’t worry. You probably recognize him for appearing in other great milestones on the screen, such as Game of Thrones, under the name of Winterfell, and The Knights of the Square Table, among others. This castle is, without a doubt, one of the must-see on this tour of Scotland, as it is the most faithful reflection of the royal castles of the Middle Ages..

Outlander magic through Stirling

Outlander Stirling Castle
Stirling, a place where the magic of times past will surround you, on the banks of the River Forth, with its imposing castle dominating the landscape. It constitutes the great pin of union between the Highlands and the Lowlands. Here you will find several places of interest, such as the Mercat Cross, the market square, Tolbooth, a unique building that had several uses throughout its history until it became one of the best Scottish concert halls in 2002. You will also find many other attractions that will surely sound to you from the Trapped in time saga.

Cranesmuir … or how is called in Scotland: Culross

locations outlander culross
Your arrival in Culross can make you feel like Claire on her journey through time, as this village seems to have anchored in it. You will recognize her easily, but not as Culross, but as Cranersmuir, which is the name she receives in the series, the home of Geillis Duncan and her husband. Culross is one of the best preserved 16th and 17th century villages. It is easy to feel part of those centuries among its many medieval buildings and alleys. Here you will easily recognize the Culross Palace, the distinctive mustard-yellow mansion, whose Palace Garden appears in various scenes in the series. In Culross, you can also remember the moment when Geillis was taken to be burned by a witch in Town House.

Do Outlander stones exist? Your own Craigh na Dun in Tuilyies Stones (Torryburn)

Finally, despite the fact that Craigh na Dun does not exist in reality, since in the series the circle was made of cardboard-stone stones, it is possible that you can recreate the magic of these scenes in other existing stone circles in the area, like the one in Callanish. In them, you can take all the photos you want and even recreate scenes from the series, as if you were one more character, yes, we ask you not to go out and pick flowers without company, just in case they are flies. 😉

Have you already visited the different Outlander stages? Share your experience with us!
*Main picture of Wesley Vieira Fonseca

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